Double entry to your newsletter

There are a lot of things you can do to increase your email list, but here are the most common items that give the best increase in sign up:

  • Why should customers leave their promotional email? Give them something in exchange, a free download or% off the price of your products, just this alone is very powerful. Sample text can be “Leave your email address and receive 25% off your next purchase” (sign up increases by about 92%).
  • Adding a “Connect to Facebook” button as an alternative to the usual email signup. This allows the user will easily be able to click a button and email is automatically make the background into your list. (Sign up increases by about 40%)
  • Host a contest that is socially activating, the premium should preferably not be an ipad if your business sells flowers. This notion hit better audience and provides accurate visitor. It is good to be creative, feel free to try something that no one else has tried before, maybe you will see how to create a facebook app and cough your competition there? Karaoke competition? Integrate people as possible so they can vote for their favorite. There is much to gain! (Increases sign up by about 23%)
  • Get your customers to recommend your company to friends in inbytte to 10% on your next purchase or another motivational factor.
  • Give users a way and leave your e-mail address also on their Facebook page. (Increases sign up with approx 14%)

Other tips that is smart to do:

  • Cooperation with other partners to get an exciting approach in such competitions.
  • Cross selling, using your company all the possibilities it can to collect email? Ask by email when the customer is on phone for example.
  • Sign up form on your web page should be well visible on all sides so that no matter where the customer is he or she will have the opportunity to post their mail.
  • In a bid process should ask for permission to send e-mail to the customer.
  • When you send out regular e-mail to people, have a banner where you talk about the great things by leaving your promotional email by now.
  • By telephone you can train sales personnel to ask for email, but here is a good idea with a double confirmation in case the customer misunderstand and do not know what they e-mail. Double confirmation means that the customer must validate their email again in case they did not get enough information.
  • If you run a restaurant, you can give free drink if you leave your email, here you grant the customer a reason to leave their e-mail directly.
  • Think of all customer points your company has, there are other opportunities for acquisition?
  • Not having a single click unsubscribe from the newsletter, the customer may click accidentally. Let the customer be able to confirm one more time after clicking the unsubscribe link in your newsletter.

I hope you got some tips on what you can do to increase your email list, please leave get kelp and email your order to get other great tips. Keep in mind that this is just pointers, it should be looked in coherent with your entire business for the smartest solution for you.

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