New Soundcloud API changes

Hi there, this is some new soundcloud api changes that will affect users that are registerring for a Soundcloud API while using the SoundCloud Sound Competition Plugin for WordPress.

Here are the step by step process for registering these new soundcloud api changes in the Soundcloud APP



1. Login to Soundcloud and visit the page and click on Your apps.




2. Here you would see all your registered apps and can make changes to them. If you have none like the image below, then click on Sign up for a new app and we will take you through step by step what to do.



3. You will be going to a google doc to fill in a form, just click next.



4. Fill in the name as the example is, exchange this to be your own website and your own name and contact information.



5. Fill in similar to what is filled in below.



6. Type in name of your brand as your app name witch is the name people see when connection to your app. Then type in your website where you will be using the Sound Competition Plugin.



7. Type in the page where you will be adding your [soundcomp-add] shortcode, normally this is upload witch we recommend, so that it has it´s own page you can link to whenever you want people to add a sound to your contest.



8. Finished registering the App, now you have to wait for SoundCloud to approve, can take a few days or a few weeks depending on how busy they are. But once they answer your request you can continue with the rest of the process.



9. Hope that helped you. The rest should be the same as the video explains – how to setup this plugin.


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