How to be a
Web Design & Web Developer
with No Coding

Step by step online course, tailored to make you work smarter,
get more successful and grow your business!

This Awesome Online Video Course features:

How to Install WordPress

I show you step by step how to install the most popular web system on the planet that customers love for it´s usability and customer friendliness. You can follow along with the video and you will be up and running in no time.

How to install the best WordPress Plugins

I have gone through almost all the plugins there are, and I have condensed and tested most of them, I will give you all my secret sauce of plugins that really make your job easier as a web programmer to add value to your customers.

How to setup Payment processing

To really start earning anything for yourself of your client you need to have a way of taking payment from your clients. I go through the most affordable ways to offer card processing directly from your website and what to do to make it happen.

What hosting Company to use

There is a jungle of companies out there ready to take your money, but what hosting company is best to use, I have personally used a handful and the best I have found help you with all the technical details with super support, so you can focus on what´s important.

How to build your Email List

How do you start building an email list, we show you what is best practices when setting this up what tool to use, and how to make it easy and free to start building and marketing to your potential customers. We show you what we use every day with success!

How to Sell your product

Whatever your product from a physical product to a digital or a membership platform, we go through the different options and talk about best decisions based on your needs, and we show you how to set it up to get you running in no time.

Hi, my name is Kenneth I´m here to guide you through this

I am here to be  the best that I can be to show you the best that you can be.
I believe that we all have talents, my specialty is finding them in people and give practical ways that you can move further towards living the life you would like to live.

I´m a computer engineer with over 20 years experience with data and media marketing, I have worked with many large companies both domestically and internationally. Everything from GE Money Bank, Nordnet, Chess, Hi3G, Netcom, Call me, Norsk Rikstoto to name a few and has been involved in major projects implementation and venues throughout the world.

With everything I have learned from the big corporations, I have also learned what they don´t do well, and that´s where the little guy can make a difference, you and me. And that´s what I am here to teach you so that you can create the life you want to have the abundance everyone deserves.

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Bonus: How to Market your product

We always like to give you more value, so here is a great video we add to the package.
How to Market your product. The Secrets of how you sell your product or the clients product.

Let´s face it, when it comes to online courses like this, it´s nice to know what to do when you actually want to make a sale online. Tips and Trade secrets that I use in my career that have worked time and time again. And they will work for any line of business if you put in the effort and energy the video prescribes.

Bonus: How to work with your clients

Customer satisfaction is the most important, you need to make your customers satisfied to still stay in business. So as an added Bonus we give you this as well.

To know how to work for your client is very important both for you and for your client. It´s important to know when let your client go and when to extend that little extra to make the customer stay. How to balance to get the happy work life that we all want. It´s all about balance.

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